PageKite RPM packaging work

Today I have been a PageKite packaging machine!

I have taught my laptop to build RPM packages for Fedora 13, 14, 15 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS) versions 4, 5 and 6. I am building pagekite.py 0.4 packages and also packages for the chaining socks/proxy library, signing them all with a GPG key and publishing in a Yum repository.

Finally, I built RPM packages for the repositories themselves, which makes integrating and installing PageKite into a RPM based system a two line copy/paste exercise!

Although these packages aren't really easier than just downloading the big .py file, they have the benefit of being cryptographically verified and enabling the operating system to handle automatic upgrades when I release new versions. And of course as the program gets more complicated and I add things like a GUI, letting RPM and Yum take care of dependencies will be extremely useful.

I cut some corners, and it is all pretty brand-spanking-new, so I would appreciate it if any geeks in the audience would test the packages for me.

Tomorrow I'll do the same for Debian and Ubuntu users.

And someday, for Windows and Mac...

Tags: pagekite

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